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Services for Traditionally Published and Indie Authors 

Picture Books, Early Readers, Chapter Books, Middle Grade or Young Adult; 
Fiction or Nonfiction 

Whether you're launching a new book, planning author visits, or want to reach more readers,
let me help you connect with educators and students by developing educational materials.

The Book Club Package includes:

• A brief introduction to the book

   and author
•  10-12 Discussion questions
•  2-3 Activities based on the book 

  • An Author Interview 

  • Additional resources or suggested reading list 


"I love writing books and talking to students about them, but I'm at a loss when it comes to innovative and multi-disciplinary ideas for how my books can be used in the classroom.


Hiring Laney has solved this problem. Her exceptional work has both improved my profile among educators and helped me personally improve the quality of my school and library visits, where I often employ her ideas.


I will be hiring her soon (for the 6th time) when my next book pubs."

Amy E. Sklansky, award-winning author of more than a dozen books and veteran of nearly 200 visits to schools and libraries

The book cover for OUT OF THIS WORLD by Amy E. Sklansky

The Complete Teacher's Guide includes:

  • A brief introduction to the book     and author  

  • A pre-reading activity

  • Background information and additional resources (as needed)

  • A focus on vocabulary or language (usage and/or conventions) to deepen a student’s understanding while reading

  •  Comprehension questions (broken down by chapters or page sections to gauge literal comprehension) 

•    10-12 Discussion questions 

  • Reading responses and writing        activities

  • Across the curriculum activities        (depending on the book, this might include: STEM, social           studies/geography, art and           media)

The guide will be standards-aligned with The Common Core or Next Generation Science Standards or if you prefer, a particular state’s standards. 

Other Services

An Author Interview 

Based on a close reading of your book, I’ll propose a set of questions for you to answer. If there are other aspects you want to delve into more deeply, we’ll cover those as well. 

Author Visit Consultation 

After consulting with you, I’ll generate a list of ideas and activities for you to use during an author visit. 


Customized Worksheets and/or  Graphic Organizers

Teacher and parent-friendly materials ready for use in a classroom or home.

Click on the book cover for a sample:
The book cover for The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke
The book cover for SKYRIDERS by Polly Holyoke
"I loved the process of working with Laney. At least 90% of the activities in the guides are hers, but she was also very open to collaborating with me. She produced the guides on time, and I thought her fees were more than fair.

Laney's teacher's guides still get downloaded several times a week from my website, a decade after my first children’s book was published. There’s no question in my mind that my Neptune books are still selling well in part because teachers are using her guides in their classrooms around the United States and around the world."

----Polly Holyoke, the author of the award-winning Neptune Trilogy and Skyriders 

My Background


For over twenty-five years, connecting young people to literature has been my passion and area of expertise. As a classroom teacher, I utilized books across the curriculum to develop my students as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. With a dual master's degree in elementary education and special needs, I’m committed to reaching all learners and believe in creating experiences where students will receive the support or challenge they need. My advanced graduate studies focused on reading and literacy coaching, and I’ve worked with students and teachers across the grades (K-12).


I’m also a published author who has presented at literary festivals and in classrooms. I understand the challenge of reaching readers firsthand, which is why I offer these services!


You've worked hard to get your book out in the world. Let's make it come alive for readers!

 I look forward to hearing about your project.

Author Laney Nielson sitting is chair signing a book
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